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World Instant Pasta Producers Association
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WIPPA (World Instant Pasta Producers Association) is a nonprofit organization aiming to educate consumers, media,

health experts, public administrators and other relevant entities on Instant Pasta.

All this in order to popularize Instant Pasta and increase its consumption all around the world.

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Instant Pasta: Product Description



  • High quality ingredients, for both pasta and sauces
  • Adaptable to local, religiois or dietary requirements
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  • Low production costs
  • Long shelf life
  • High return on the investment (ROI)


  • Easy to prepare
  • Ready in 4-5 minutes
  • Can be eaten by everybody, everywhere

The Panel of Experts

Carlo Cotti

Liodry Foods

Liodry Foods is a leading company in the development of dry sauces and customized recipes

Michele Storci

Storci Pasta Machinery

Storci, world leader in Pasta Machinery, is the developer of the Instant Pasta by Storci System

Aldo Monti

Wippa Operations Manager

Aldo Monti is a marketing consultant and food expert, operating in Europe and Middle East.

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